Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Anne Morrow Lindbergh is so much more than Charles Lindbergh’s wife and the author of Gift From the Sea.

It was the early 1990s when I discovered her totally by accident, stumbling across War Within War Without, her diaries and letters from 1939-1944 in a used bookstore. This deep and moving memoir so struck my heart that from that reading I was on the search for all of her books.

Her most famous book is Gift From the Sea, a timeless classic that I’ve given as gifts more often than any other single item. Every woman should give herself the treasure of reading it and relaxing into its pages like surrounding yourself with warm sand on a hot beach. Written in 1955, Anne’s observations  and gently presented tidbits for having a whole life, despite the multitude of roles that women rotate through in a daily basis are still current today.

Anne was first licensed woman glider pilot in the United States. She accompanied Charles on many of his flights, mapping routes and sitting on a cart behind him. This tiny woman had such a large spirit that even when she was fearful of something, whatever it may have been, she dove in and did it.

Each of her diaries and letters have resounded with me for different reasons—I’m convinced you will react the same way. The years they were set in, the world events taking place, and the things in her life at the time… The continuity of eloquence and self-revelation in the laying bare of her soul never ceases to strike my heart.

Drop me a note if you find yourself choosing to discover Anne Morrow Lindbergh.

Her diaries and letters:

Bring Me a Unicorn (1922-1928)

Hour of Gold, Hour of Lead (1929-1932)

Locked Rooms and Open Doors (1922-1935)

The Flower and The Nettle (1936-1939)

War Within and War Without (1939-1944)

Against the Wind & Tide (1947-1986)

Other works:

North to the Orient (non-fiction, 1935)

The Unicorn and Other Poems (1935-1955)

Listen! The Wind (non-fiction, 1938

The Wave of the Future, a Confession of Faith, (non-fiction, 1940)

The Steep Ascent (fiction, 1944)

Dear Beloved (fiction, 1962)

Earth Shine (non-fiction, 1966)


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