Content for writers is coming soon. Check back!

I’ve wanted to provide something for the writers in my community, but could never hit on what. Anyone who’s helped with my struggle to use was/were appropriately (curses upon the 7th grade English teacher who ruined me) knows I’m not The Grammar Girl.

What I am, though, is a simplifier and instruction manual creator. With every job I’ve had, I’ve been the one to ask, how do we do that, and take copious notes. The next thing my trainer knows, I’ve presented them with a manual. As far as simplification, if something is difficult, I’ll find a way to break it down into rudimentary steps. My brain has too many people living in it to keep complicated information in there.

So, this page will evolve with links to great sources for writers as well as my favorite thing to contribute to writers:

Scrivener Tips

I’m also not Gwen Hernandez, but I’ve been collecting Scrivener Tips since I began using the program more than a decade ago. If you’re a writer and haven’t experimented with this Scrivener yet, I urge you to give it a go. Literature & Latte still offers a 30 time usage trial run. That’s not 30 days in a row, it’s 30 times to fall in love. (In the Apple Store, it’s still only $60. It was $45 when I bought it, so the cost has not gone up much. And when you need customer service? Wow, you get a real person and real help!)

The Value of Critique Groups

I’ve had a core group of beta readers for years and would be lost without them. As readers, not writers, they provide unique perspectives for what in my stories. When it comes to techniques, you need writers to read for you. I joined Women’s Fiction Writers Association (WFWA) several years ago. It’s a busy group with educational programs, retreats, and—critique groups. Two years ago, I finally delved in and what a difference those women made to my writing! Although circumstances saw one person leave after a year and another six months later, the remaining two of us soldier on.

Books on Writing

Writers read. We read across genres and we read voraciously. Of major importance is reading books to help us become better writers. I’ll continue to add books here as I come across them and other writers make recommendations.

Book Reviews

Here are links to my non-fiction and fiction reviews. When you love a book, please leave the writer a review! It’s critical to our success for readers to promote our books on GoodReads and bookstore sites. Here’s my request: If you’ve purchased one of my travel journals, I’d love for you to share a review