Who wants to travel with basic black or white bags? Gosh, not me. I want color, color and more color! Add to that my desire for a bit of unusual style and tada—Travel in Color bags were created. I love eBag packing cubes for clothing, but for the other items I pack, give me some pizazz. Paisley instead of solid purple! Geometric shapes instead of solid green. Mix it all up with a green and purple paisley bags.

Pick out a small one for collecting change or a tote to schlep a swimsuit to the shore. Musings Travel Bags are hand-cut. Sizes are approximate because I’m not perfect! Each bag is unique—and are adorned with at least one button. (Obvious or maybe not?) Some have lace, ribbon, or perhaps a doodad! Bags are lined except as otherwise noted.

The Bags are Made to…

Stash in your Suitcase

Bury in your Backpack

Carry in your Camper

Tuck in your Tote

Pack in your Purse

Map Fabric, Africa, Padded & Green Water Resistant Lining, Mermaid Charm, 10.5x10.5, $18.00 (W25)

Water Resistant Lined Bags

Poofy Bags

Pack a little puff! Sometimes we want a tad extra padding. These bags offer just that.

Black, grey, Extra padding travel bag (PF3)
Bottle Bag, Purple You Are Amazing, Solid back, Blue Button, Heart Charm $15.00 (G29)

Bottle & Gift Bags

Tuck a special present in one of these bags. Simple unlined drawstring gift bags or lined bottle (wine!) bags.

Grab your toggle bag here. Who doesn’t love a toggle? 

Purse with teal and tan flowers

Totes & Purses

Check out the styles & sizes.Limited time offering on totes & purses. Grab them with you can.

Purses are zippered, as are some totes.

Zippered & Lined Bags

Not looking for tote or bottle bag? Here are different options. Zippered and lined with maybe a little bling.

Map Fabric, Europe, Burgundy Ribbon & Lining, Guitar Charm (B40)

Purchasing Travel in Color Bags

Prices from $3.00 to $25.00 (Plus tax & shipping.) Payment is through PayPal.

Bear with me with manual ordering at this time.

To order, email me at RM@rmgriffith.com. Order by using the number in parentheses (ex W1, S2, TT1). Old-fashioned, but darned easy.

Travel Journals 

Don’t forget to order your special Travel Journal to go with your new bag!

Spiral bound editions are only available through my site. Order by emailing me as above.


Order via my author’s page on Amazon (Perfect bound only!).