Wales is My Happiest Place

When my sister, Jackie, and I discovered Pembrokeshire, Wales and the incredible coastline, we were hooked. Our Wales travel adventures started in 2014 and will continue until we just … can’t … get there anymore!

Three trips later, we can’t wait to get back to this part of South and West Wales. And to every other part of Wales!

traveling to Stackpole Head, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Stackpole Head, Pembrokeshire, Wals

Traveling to Wales isn’t Easy … for Us

Twice Jackie flew from Billings, Montana into Pittsburgh, spent one night here, then we took off for Wales. The last trip, she and daughter Jenny flew from Bozeman and we met in Washington, DC. to fly to Edinburgh. From there we caught a connector to Cardiff and spent a couple of nights. It’s a long, long overnight and day of travel. And so worthwhile!

From Cardiff, we hopped the train to Saundersfoot. Saundersfoot is a favorite, but so is Newport—in Pembrokeshire. It’s a magical small town that embraces the visitor with kindness and stretches of incredible views.

More places call to us with names we butcher, but strive to say. St. David’s (starting with an easy one) has a cathedral to ogle. Tenby (ha, another easy one) is a hub of activity and tourism, but nicely done. Gwbert, Mwnt, Eglwyswrw, Pwllgwaelod—I mean, can you say any of these? Ah, Welsh, what an incredible language.

Pembrokeshire Coast Hiking is Breathtaking

Goodwick Harbor, Pembrokeshire, Wales


Such joy to travel in south and west Wales. Check out Pembrokeshire stories here.

The path is 186 miles along the coastline. If you’re an avid hiker, head here. You leave the cities behind, you hike for a day or backpack for days. Every step you take gives you a view that you will never, ever forget. I have thousands of photos from these trips. This morning I thought, gosh, I don’t have enough pictures. Did I get a clear one of the seals south of Goodwick (good-ick, in case you’re wondering)? What about Narberth and Nevern and friendly churches and an old, old bleeding yew? More, I want more photos.

Wales Adventures

For being around the size of Massachusetts, there is so much to see in Wales. (Like our State, for sure.) We’ve rambled through Cardiff and Caerphilly (Pronounce that! We call it caterpillar.) and the Brecon Beacons (not brie-con—try again). What joy! Taking a bus or train through the countryside! Lots of hills, lots of sheep, lots of gorgeous sights. Take a peek here to read about some of these travels.


Tides are a puzzle to a gal from Pennsylvania. Check out this site for information.