I’ve been a fan of non-fiction throughout my life. The list maker in me wishes I had notes on every book I read from childhood on. What an evolution of a person, of a reader, right?

The Diary of Anne Frank would have been among my early reads, but I’m sure it wasn’t the first. I soon learned the differences between biographies, authorized biographies, and autobiographies—my preferred genre. Is there anything as much fun as reading Katharine Hepburn’s  Me? Or the outrageous, The Making of “The African Queen.” Or How I Went to Africa with Bogart, Bacall and Almost Lost My Life.

Bookcases laden with a variety of books
Dad-built bookcases–full of non-fiction & fiction books

Utterly irrepressible stuff from this grand lady.

You won’t catch me reading gore or horror—not on my fiction shelves. Yet FBI Mind-hunter John E. Douglas is always a compelling read. 

As a Christian, I enjoy Bible studies and Anne Lamott is a favorite for an off-the-wall point of view. Love her non-fiction, can’t stand Lamott’s fiction.

WWII Books

I fell into reading books about WWII by accident. My sister had given her husband Best 100 Stories of World War II. There one winter, I had to dive in, didn’t I? Published in 1945, it is a different read from stories written today. Which leads to the authors I discovered by attending local history lectures at our library. Two local fellows volunteered to provide these lectures over the winter months. How great! They led to me becoming a huge fan of Alex Kershaw. If you enjoy learning about WWII, he’s a the top historians to read and by all means, catch his lectures. Don’t miss him.