I have broad reading tastes—reflected in the fiction book reviews I write on GoodReads, Amazon, and my site. It’s almost easier to list the genres I don’t enjoy: romances, sci-fi, fantasy. My bookcases are laden with mysteries of all sorts—hardboiled Raymond Chandler to Michael Connelly’s Bosch novels. Sometimes I like the Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child collaborations of Pendergast books. Sometimes the Pendergast novels are fairly farfetched, however, they are always well-written.

Keeping with broadly reading, it’s a joy to discover new writers.

Swiss Family Robinson and other fiction books
Childhood Fiction Reading

Most of my reading queue consists of mysteries. The whodunit aspect of these stories is a huge draw. Writers weaving tales with multiple suspects and detectives—professional or not—using Hercule brains to decipher the answer. What’s not to like?

As an Author, I Must Read

And read a lot! The “experts” tell writers to write what we read. I don’t buy into that. I’ve completed one mystery and started on the second and I liked the process and result. My heart belongs to women’s fiction. Aren’t the journeys we undertake over the course of our evolving lives fascinating?

Write Reviews!

At the very least, if you love a book, give it 5 stars and write a sentence about why. Post the review wherever you’re comfortable. And don’t forget to tell your friends. Word of mouth is still a brilliant form of marketing!

You can find my fiction book reviews on GoodReads. If I posted all of them here, they would dominate my site. Let me know what books you like.

Fiction Book Reviews