Here’s a business observation about public speaking that you’ll want to check out …

Let’s see, how can we break this habit?
What habit?
I didn’t explain yet?
Gosh, what am I thinking?

Okay. Stop and go back and read each of those sentences out loud. They are all questions and if your voice goes up at the end, that’s okay.

What I hear repeatedly when I am involved in business meetings with women, is this:

  • We held this event and it was really strongly attended?
  • I feel that if we continue marketing XXX, we’ll wind up hitting our sales goal?
  • We discussed that client and think that if we provide XXX solution, they will purchase XXX?

Yikes. Are any of those questions? No, they are statements of opinion based on knowledge and proactive planning. When you are in your next business meeting, listen to the differences between how men and women state their viewpoints and convictions. I have rarely heard a man state his case with a question at the end. No, men tend to speak with power and affirmation. Their self-belief comes through with their statements. Even when the man is a total dunderhead.

Women! Prepare for Public Speaking

You are intelligent, you are powerful, you know what you are talking about. Stop negating yourself by ending your statements with an uplifted voice.

Ask your friends to tell you when you uptalk. Record yourself—every phone and computer will do this for you—and stop, stop, stop doing it. Reinforce yourself using powerful words with powerful intention in saying them.

And if you hear me do that Valley-Girl up-lilt, reach out and give me a V8 slap on my forehead.


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