I may not be good at math, but I have a very particular set of skills when it comes to wine.

You’re jealous, aren’t you?.

How did it start? Who knows. When did I first pay attention that it was happening? No clue. Somehow, a road trip with Jackie from Pennsylvania to Montana comes to mind. Weren’t we in that Holiday Inn in Gilette, Wyoming, stressed and bought a bottle for the room? Let’s go with that.

Plastic cups, Champagne flutes (filled with Prosecco), squat glasses or tall Riedel goblets….

It doesn’t matter what type of glass I’m pouring vino into, 99% of the time, I pour them evenly. You scoff, “What’s so remarkable about that?” I am one of the least precise people you’ll meet. Alex said yes when I asked if we could get a mower so I could take over the job. It wasn’t until we brought it home that I warned him, “I do not mow straight.” Sure, our yard is curvy and hilly and doesn’t have much straight about it. Doesn’t matter. Give me a football field and I’ll mow it in such random stripes that you’ll be stunned.

I’m not much for astrology these days, but there’s something to me being a June baby—a Cancer crab. Have you ever seen a crab walk in a straight line? Er, no, it doesn’t happen. They go forward by going side to side. Maybe it’s a crab waddle?

Marvel at my un-retouched, un-cheating glasses of wine:

This photo looking  down into a goblet of red wine is just for fun. Cool, eh?

Looking down into glass of red wine
Paying attention? Yes, one glass

What Did You Ask

Um, yes, you are correct. These nuanced pours only occur before I imbibe that first glass of wine. You’re not going to get all critical on me, are you? Now, stop that and go pour a beautiful glass of vino for yourself … and a friend.

*When you go to Parma, Italy, enjoy wine with that prosciutto