My kid sister and I were discussing RFID fabric for leather card sleeves she was making. Hmm, I thought, good idea but I’m sticking with my bag addiction. What could I do to add a little something-something to them? Aha! Water-resistant* fabric!

Who can’t use a water-resistant travel bag tucked into our backpacks? We carry pens, eye drops, mascara—heck, you can tuck a chocolate bar inside in case it melts! 

Insets show the interior fabric. Please click to enlarge photo.

Creating Water Resistant Travel Bags

I checked a number of sites, but found the best deal on Amazon—Ottertex brand. What incredible colors. Not convinced it would be easy to sew ripstop fabric, I decided to put it between two layers of cotton. Success!

My first batch of water-resistant* bags have three layers of fabric. Soon, I’ll be whipping up new ones that are two layers. The water-resistant fabric is neon pink—fuchsia—bright salmon. Pick your descriptive word. Bright pink is what I’m going with!

REI—a favorite for my outdoor gear—offers this definition of waterproof vs. water-resistant. (While you’re on their site, check out their Smartwool sock collection. See why I have a sock fetish!) (PS. Another plug for the REI Co-op—it only costs $20 to join. For life!)

Order by number in parentheses (ex W1, S2, TT1). To order, email me at RM @

I keep stressing *Water-resistant, not waterproof! There is a difference, eh? I wouldn’t want you to drop a bag in a lake and think—hey, what’s happening here? Although, that’s a good idea. I’ll give it a try and let you know how well it holds up!

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