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Can I tell you how many trips I took before getting around to creating a travel checklist? And I love lists! Grocery lists, to do lists, step by step lists! Lists!

That really makes you wonder what was wrong with me that I didn’t think to make a packing list before? Big duh, right? Yeah, well, sometimes you take your brain for granted. Although the older we get, the wiser we get about relying on memory!

Packing Checklist
Who needs to leave on that jet plane? I do!

Travel Checklists

My various travel lists have gone through many iterations. And they’ll continue to do so. We evolve, so do our packing needs. I have lists for road trips, international flights (this one), and flying across the country. There’s a special list for landing on Oahu and a special list for Italy. Each place you go offers something different from the place you were before. A hiking trip means different packing from a museum touring trip.

Told you I like lists.

Download my list and make it your own. Sorry I can’t make it editable, but you’ll do okay creating one. Just use this as a template.

Travel Packing Bags

Once upon a long covid lockdown, I started sewing travel bags. Yes, it escalated into a small business for me. Total fun and a non-writing way to be creative. Go me, right?

Check out my unique, one-of-a-kind bags.

Makes you want to take off, doesn’t it?

Don’t forget to pack a Travel Journal and Travel Bags!