Draw(string) Me Away Toggle Bags – come on, you love that title, right?

Isn’t there some kind of child-like joy in using a Drawstring Toggle Bag? What’s that about? Pull open, slide close—aha! I succeeded at something today! Ha!

These bags were a blast to make. All are lined and made with ribbon. Don’t like ribbon? Let me know when you order and I’ll include a piece of stretchy cord. Bags are lined–sometimes in a different fabric, sometimes in something equally as fun as the exterior!

Designing Drawstring Toggle Bags

Making Drawstring Toggle Bags is fun! Do I coordinate the ribbon, toggle, and button the same color? Or should I change it up? Pick an opposite color from the fabric? Have the toggle stand out? And ribbon or stretch cord? What choices! Options galore—don’t we women love choices!

Creativity can be discovered in many ways—as long as we’re open to finding the new. I discovered sewing bags quite by accident. Covid lockdown, too much time at home, being tired of TV … all combined to force me to sew. (Okay, okay, I love sewing—no coercion required!) One tiny pattern lead to me creating my own. The machine will soon be reappearing. What will I create this time?


Order by number in parentheses (ex W1, S2, TT1). To order, email me at RM @ MusingsFromaRedhead.com 

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