The Last Fighter Pilot:

The True Story of the Final Combat Mission of World War 

by Captain Jerry Yellin and Don Brown

I read The Last Fighter Pilot during a road trip to Washington, DC to witness a Veteran V-J day tribute.

It was hard not to read the entire book out loud to my husband. It’s an adventure story that the reader has to continue to remember is a TRUE story, not fiction.

Everyone with the slightest interest in the Pacific battles of WWII should read this book. Anyone who wants to support our WWII veterans should read this book.

The Last Fighter Pilot is already a National Bestseller and the NY Post is declaring it a must-read book. I’m totally with them on that call.

The Last Fighter Pilot is the thrilling story covering a part of Captain Jerry Yellin’s time in the war from March – August 1945–V-J Day. Having already felt the depth of Captain Yellin’s experiences by reading Of War & Weddings, I expected that emotional connection to play a large role in his collaboration with author Don Brown.

It did.

You’ll Learn A Lot

There are many historical facts that I didn’t know—some wickedly awful like that there were Japanese who killed POWs and ate them—sharing that cannibalism with other units like others might share steaks. That was horrifying.

Another fact was the sheer number of B-29s (300) and Mustangs (over 100) that attacked Japan on April 7, 1945. I can’t imagine what the onslaught of that sort of power looked like to those below.

Page after page reveals heroic acts and brave deaths. I was elated with the wins and found myself close to tears at the losses.

Please pick up a copy of this book and write a review—it’s a great way to honor all the veterans of the last Pacific battles.Footnote:

Captain Jerry Yellin passed away on December 21, 2017. This February 15th, he would have turned 94.

There are people who come in and out of our lives in the blink of an eye and yet their impact lasts as long as we are breathing. So was it for me in the year that I was in random, sporadic communication with Mr. Yellin. He has left and indelibly impression and I’m sure if you read his books or watch his videos, he’ll still have an impact on you.

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