An Airedale Short Story

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

SuperDog’s identify wasn’t known outside of a few select residents of Sheepville, Montana.

Preferring to live a quiet, unassuming existence with her human servants, SuperDog laid low, frequently playing the, “I’m an old dog, don’t teach me new tricks,” card.

I’m tired, don’t bug me

SuperDog is called to action!

Murphy, the Golden Retriever, was in a fix. Again. SuperDog took off through the new, high mountain snow at a pace only she could maintain.

Airborne Airedale on a Mission

The winter weather couldn’t slow SuperDog as she flew through the air, leaping moguls and seeking Sun Dogs. Those grand beings filling the blue and cloudless sky were her spirit guides, leading her to a crises only she could solve.

Off and up, SuperDog ran, soaring toward danger, determined to save Murphy from himself.

But wait! Mike the beagle stood in her path. What was the ancient hound doing here? Move! Out of the way! SuperDog shot Mike a doggy look that scooted him aside.

Now what? No, it’s a who! Baker Holmes, the young beagle of the block, built like a Sherman Tank. “This way!” He barked.

Baker is all about taking action.

Except when he’s napping, cocooned in his blanket like a larvae.

SuperDog’s Super Friends

SuperDog isn’t too choosy in her friends—including everyone who wants to make their woods a better place. It was every critter to the rescue if one of them got into trouble. Really, they spent most of their energy rescuing Murphy.

Hank, the ginormous Golden Labrador tore out of the Lodgepole Pine forest to join their growing entourage. “Murphy?” He arfed.

“Of course,” Baker roared back.

Man riding a horse, waving his hat

Racing through the meadow so fast that the snow dissipated around him, came Gilbert on Paint Pony. His hat was raised in greeting as PP whinnied, “I heard! Oh, Murph!”

SuperDog spun around the largest sage bush she’d ever seen and there was The Murphy, corralled between two humans. What vile thing were they doing to him?

Good grief! Not that! They were giving him a bath!

“No!” Barked SuperDog, aided in raising a ruckus by the voices of Baker and Hank. “Stop! Murphy hates baths! You’re hurting him!”

Alas, as humans tend to do, they ignored the rapid, frantic barks of the SuperDog team, trying in vain to alert them to the danger.

A defeated Murphy hung his head in resignation and explained, “I rolled in a cow patty.” Again.”

Foiled Again!

Thwarted in their efforts to save Murphy from the suds, the SuperDog squad turned around to head home.

SuperDog at Rest

Later that same evening, after reading her favorite book, an exhausted SuperDog removed her glasses and headed to the porch. The railing is the perfect place to hang her head, heavy with the brilliant brain Daisy the Airedale carries around each day.


Thank you to the dogs providing permission for their names and photos to be used in this story.

No critters, including squirrels, owls, eagles or any other, were harmed in the writing of this very tall tale.

Murphy aka SuperDog’s Best Pal


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