Do you need a little extra pizazz when you travel? I sure do! Select a Travel in Color Poofy Packable Bag.

Reading the latest John Sandford novel, he mentioned Lucas Davenport packing his Dopp kit. What, I asked myself, is a Dopp kit? In all my years of traveling, I’ve never heard of this item. A joy of reading on a Kindle is the availability of definitions at my fingertips. A Dopp kit is a toiletry bag—which is what I’d heard it called. Oh wait, except for shaving bag—that’s what we usually say. “Hey, husband, did you grab your shaving bag?”

Call my creations a Dopp kit if you’re a fellow and a toiletry bag if you’re a gal. Or not! Either term is fine (I’m sticking with poofy packable bag), just grab one!

You can use these Bags to… 

Pack Playing Cards

Press Your PJs

Push in a Bag of Peanuts (Why not?) 

Or, you could use it for toiletries…

Poofy Packable Bags

This bag design works great for stuffing socks into—or if you’re stuck wearing them, nylons. If you layer clothes like I do, roll up your hiking t-shirts and tuck them in a poof. Wrinkles usually fall out of the good t’s, eh? 

Note: If you’re a WWII history buff like I am, this blog touches on the history behind a Dopp bag. 

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