Upstate New York, Long Island, the isle of Manhattan, western New York….

New York State isn’t that large, but it is diverse. The state is a little bit larger than Pennsylvania, but has almost 7 million more inhabitants. The city density of New York dwarfs our largest city of Philadelphia. But like Pennsylvania, New York State has a lot of rural areas. Don’t mistake NYC as the defining feature of a state with more to offer.

Outside NYC

While the City is marvelous with its metropolitan air (museums, churches, Central Park), don’t skip western New York. The charming villages of Cazenovia, Genoa, Venice, Seneca Falls offer a great deal to the traveler. Unique shops, quaint cafes, and friendly people—what’s not to enjoy in Upstate New York?

The Finger Lakes offer their own special view of the state of New York. You’ll discover a wine tour, hiking, many unique restaurants driving the Finger Lakes area. It’s a lovely drive in the spring, summer, and autumn. I’ll go so far as to say it has a deep winter beauty as well. But you won’t find as many places open.

9/11 Memorial & Museum New York

New York

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