People will tell you I love laughter and opinions—and I won’t deny it. I have opinions on many things—okay, almost everything. My opinions are quite often whimsical and often voiced for entertainment. But when I’m pensive and pondering, you can bet we’re headed for a lively, serious discussion. Join in!

Sometimes I wax poetic about autumn descending on the Pennsylvania countryside. Or perhaps I’ll explain how so much in my life escalates—thank goodness it often happens with humor. Could be I’ll regale you with stories of why I love Pembrokeshire, Wales with every particle of my heart.

Rosemary with a glass of Prosecco, laughter and opinions being shared
I’m happy when I’m contemplating (with wine in Wales)

This blog gives you a does of my humor, click here to read about my particular relationship to wine….

Podcasts, quilts, historian Alex Kershaw—I’ve got opinions on them all. Let me hear your side of things.

Man in Cinque Terre, Italy-laughter an opinions


Read Observational Musings here.

I state it elsewhere on this site: I observe a lot. Like all the time. It can’t be helped. Mom said it started when I was three and never stopped. Nope. That’s okay. I own the trait!

Laughter and opinions are part of making observations.

Practical Musings 

(Picture is Mom tending their first home.)

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Surprise! I can be practical. Don’t tell anyone, though, I like to keep the bohemian, artistic side of myself front and center. Practical me can interfere with that, so let’s keep  it under wraps. Mom was a practical kinda gal and instilled those traits in her kids. Dad was rock solid in his approach to life, so we got his attitude, too.

Being practical and organized are integral parts of my personality. Let’s share tips and ways of doing things better. Here are a few of the bits of wisdom I’ve curated over the years.

Mom Cleaning camper

Knocker laughing, Siena, Italy

Humor Found Here

Click and laugh with me.

(I even laugh at Italian door knockers.)

I love laughter. Isn’t it great to give into hard, full-body, fall out of your chair laughter? We grew up watching the Pink Panther—cartoons and movies—Dad was a fan of The Three Stooges, while Mom introduced us to the riotous films of Hepburn and Grant. Witty and joking are predominant Griffith traits, and how we love to share it.

Including more laughter in our days is bound to make us feel better. Like concentrating on gratitude instead of complaints, sunshine instead of rain. Do I sound like a Hallmark movie? I can live with that! The Mayo Clinic has a lot to say about the advantages of good chuckles—who’s to argue with them, eh?

So laughter and opinions—I have tons of them to share. But don’t make me share them in a void! Comment and share, please. I love to converse.

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