As much as I love writing non-fiction, there’s part of my brain that loves to lie! Yes, I make up things left and right–but only in the stories I create. I share my non-fiction as blogs on this site and via my travel journals. My goal is to find an agent for my women’s novels and get published. Ah, what a great plan to get my hard work out into the universe.

Entering contests is vital for authors. We build our portfolios by placing in contests. Sea of Grief is one of my winners. After traveling to Wales, I joined the Facebook group, Pembrokeshire – I Love It! Planning our next trip to Wales and asking questions on the group led to meeting Philip Jones. Philip is an exceptional photographer. I’ve told him that I could create a series of stories based on his pictures. Thankfully, he let me share his photographs with you here.

Llangwm, by Philip Jones

Sea of Grief

This story placed in the Writer’s Digest Short Short Story contest. Grief strikes us all differently. This is a short story of perception of loss. Read, Sea of Grief

Druidstone by Philip Jones, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Decision at Druidstone

Set along the Pembrokeshire Coast, Philip’s moody photo of Druidstone set me down another path of bereavement. The colors and shading of the picture made me ponder the shadows that touch our grief-stricken hearts. Read Decision at Druidstone.

Philip Jones, Abereiddy, Pembrokeshire, Wales

The Last Harvest

Abereiddy is on my list for the next adventure in Wales. The Blue Lagoon is enticing—whether or not I ever jump into the water. 

Don’t worry—The Last Harvest story isn’t about grief.

Short Fiction Stories

The short stories you read are mini works of art. Writers are always constricted by word counts. Every genre of book has a specific range of permissible word-count. Short stories are very strict—for obvious reasons. Print space if the story is for a magazine. Judges allotted reading time if the story is submitted to a contest.

The next time you read a short story you love, reach out to the author and tell them!