Yes, I have a thing for door knockers, what can I say?

I frequently think of moving to Europe just so I can have a door with one of these amazing knockers smack dab in the middle of it.

It makes me sad that in the USA we have doorbells that arbitrarily quit working or that go unused. (What is it with FedEx, UPS, USPS that they rarely ring the bell when they leave a package?)

If we had these astounding door knockers, who wouldn’t want to give them a resounding pounding?

The picture-taking started in Genoa, spiraling on to include Milan, Bologna, and Siena (the last two true treasure troves for these works of art). It’s difficult to contain myself when strolling down a quiet street and yet another one catches my eye. Who made them? How did the owners choose which one? What conversations did they have with their friends upon their first visit and first usage of the elaborate knocker? Were there servants, rolling their eyes when the meek owner chose the lion or the owner who would never leave home picked the exotic Egyptian one?

Ah, the wide-ranging stories these door knockers could tell!