When I travel, I love taking candid photographs.

I don’t snap candid photos to catch people doing anything wrong. Catching a mistake would be an accident. I don’t want to click as someone misses a step and falls even if they execute the trick with non-RoseMary acrobatic grace. It’s more fun seek the humorous, the endearing, the sweet, or unexpected. My ideal shot depicts someone, especially the elderly, sharing tender moments in settings that tie place to person.

Jackie taught me the fun of “I Spy” snaps when we were in the Cinque Terre, Italy. She takes exceptional photographs of people and nature and I try to emulate her talent. We’ve shared this picture game ever since. 

These candid photos, and the physical file of pre-digital snaps stashed in my desk drawer, are fodder for stories. Writer’s block? I don’t understand the term. Can’t you make a story about any one of these images? I invite you to. Observing people can fill a writer’s travel journal in no time. (Did you like how I snuck that little plug in there? I’m so smooth, right?)

Couples In the USA

Imagine my surprise in preparing these photographs and realizing I don’t have many candid photos of couples in the USA. What’s up with us Americans? Get on the ball and start holding hands, folks!

In Beautiful Lucerne, Switzerland

Lucerne is a city of beauty—grand architecture, breathtaking Alps, delicious food, and affectionate people. Seeing couples of all ages holding hands became the norm very quickly and I racked up many shots.

Lovey Lyon, France

Lyon is another European where snapping candid shots of couples was easily achieved. Tourists or natives, strolling through cobblestone streets arm in arm is commonplace. If you go (please go!) don’t forget to share a little tenderness with your travel partner. (Of course, you should make sure that’s okay with them!)

When in Romantic Italy

Walking in Italy, you catch elderly couples showing sweet affection that melts my heart. The Italians are a hearty bunch, sharing laughter and casual gentleness. There’s nothing more pleasant than sitting at an outdoor cafe, sipping a macchiato, and people watching. 

Throughout Germany

People can blend into a color-full crowd of bright clothing, but blurred faces or they can be seen for their individuality. We are each unique—our expressions noticed, the thoughts we ponder, the living of life full of back story. In Cologne, I snapped these photo of a young couple. I entitled it, Dating in the 21st Century—which made me sad. Perhaps I caught them at the wrong moment and then ended up giving each other their attention—not their phones.


Sometimes in Madrid, Spain & Brussels, Belgium

We weren’t in Madrid or Brussels very long but caught a few duos strolling along.


And Wandering in Wonderful Wales

I’ve been lucky enough to come across many friendly people in my travels. Wales, though, takes friendly to an entirely different level. Hiking the Pembrokeshire Coast Path we received the treat of a male choir singer serenading us. Can you beat that for trailside entertainment?

Snapping these candid shots, especially of the elderly, allows me to see the varied hearts of couples.


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