As noted on the About Me page, I observe a lot.

Along with those observations comes a running review of what I’m seeing. It can be people’s behavior (are we not endlessly fascinating?), something in the news (when I pay attention to it), or more frequently my two loves: books and travels. When I’m alone, these thoughts roll around in my writer’s head until I finally stop what I’m doing and still the musings by popping preliminary notes into Scrivener or writing them out. If husband and I are road-tripping somewhere, the poor chap puts up with my running litany of what I’m seeing until he points to the Kindle on my lap and suggests, didn’t you want to finish that book?

I get the message.

Book Reviews are Vital to Authors

Writers read. It’s what we to do to learn both our craft and in general to avoid stagnation. My reading ranges from World War II non-fiction to cozy mysteries devoured for the sheer fun of them. Some genres I skip–romance, horror, and dark subjects like addiction and abuse.

I include book reviews so readers can see if they want to try out a popular writer. Michael Connelly is a favorite–or try someone new … like several in my review section. Check out my book reviews on GoodReads.

Physical Book Purists

Here’s my note for you. I love my Kindle. Love my Kindle. I’m on my fourth one. When insomnia kicks in and nothing in the queue appeals, I pop onto the library, pick a Kindle and poof! I’m reading in no time. What’s not to love about that?

So, yep, I’ve got big book shelves and yep, they’re filled with books. But don’t take my Kindle away.

Read on!

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