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and in the occasional wickedly driven taxi.

(formerly: Musings From a Redhead)

Love to travel? Love to laugh? Have an opinion to share? Fantastic! Read the multiple musings about adventures enjoyed, laughs created, and a redhead’s opinion—or two. 

In my family, I’m known as an instigator with multiple opinions and a chicken-like cackling laugh. I’m good with that. As the only ginger in the entire bunch of Griffiths, I learned to make fun of myself early on. Mostly because my cousins never let me go a day without a redhead joke. And there are a zillion of them. Not to be repeated here.

This Redhead Loves Adventure

Do you think that teasing led to my wanting to escape Griffith Road, leading me want to discover other roads? Heck, let’s go with that. It explains so much. Like me telling Dad after college graduation that I thought I should buy a motorhome. Twenty years and more moves than that later, he finally agreed with me. Dang that I didn’t do it, eh?

I’m a guffawing woman who loves to converse about a zillion topics. Laughing is of daily necessity or I get grouchy. And travel? Well me without travel is like that proverbial fish out of water. It’s just not good. When we have adventures, we get to talk and laugh with new people and see sights we’ve never before seen. What on earth can be better than that! Zowee, right?

Travel Opens Our Minds to the New

Adventures Await

Travel Blogs

There are so many places I’ve yet to see, but I take comfort in the places I’ve been. From Hawaii to the USA’s east coast—what beauty this comfort contains. In Europe, the food, oh the food! And the cathedrals and the coastline of Italy and the forests of Germany. Give me Wales! Three trips to Pembrokeshire doesn’t begin to be enough. Must get back….

Woman at Cecina Mare, Italy, wearing yellow slicker

Rosemary with a glass of Prosecco


Humans = Entertainment

Yes, I make many observations and have opinions about them. Guess what? I also love to share what I see and think. Why not? Let’s debate a topic—you go first.

Laughter Musings

Humor Helps Everything

Laughing, laughing, laughing—oh my how I love to laugh. From the Three Stooges to Doc Martin, from a book that has me rolling on the floor. And people? Aren’t we the funniest thing ever?

Black & White photo of woman laughing

Water-resistant packing bag

Travel Bags

Pack a Travel in Color Bag

Any person who likes to travel finds themselves confronted with packing challenges. How much clothing to take? What suitcase to use? How do I keep things tidy when TSA goes through my bags. Here’s a helpful solution—my packable, snazzy, travel bags!